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Blount Co. Children's Center is hiring a Full-Time Therapist


Position Description:




Executive Director


Basic Function:  

Responsible for providing trauma-focused therapy to clients.  This includes crisis counseling and ongoing individual therapy for child abuse victims, their siblings, non-offending parents or caregivers, and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  Also, participates on community multidisciplinary child abuse response team. 


Examples of Duties:

·      Responsible for crisis counseling and initial assessment of victim at the request of the investigating officers and/or DHR social worker.

·      Completes evaluations of family members, including non-offending parent(s) or caregivers, siblings, and extended family members.

·      Conducts ongoing trauma-focused therapy for child victims, non-offending family members, and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse; also victims of rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence.  Also serves children of domestic violence victims.

·      Attends and participates in multidisciplinary case review team meetings, reviewing reports of child abuse prior to meeting.

·      Participates in the criminal and civil court system by serving as an expert witness.

·      Develops and maintains contacts with local school systems (guidance counselors and teachers), social workers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and other individuals involved in the child protection system.

·      Accurately completes on a timely basis all reports, summaries, and necessary correspondence.

·      Records written summaries of all contacts with clients in a timely manner and accurately maintains case files, with the help of the Family Services Specialist. 

·      Attends meetings, training, conferences, and after-hours meetings as directed.

·      Reads and reviews professional literature to research new methods, practices, and procedures in treatment of victims.

·      Provides information and referral services.

·      Provides both personal and criminal justice advocacy for victims.




Required Knowledge and Skills:

·      Knowledge of varied counseling theories and practices, and proficient in trauma-focused therapy for dealing with victims of child abuse.

·      Knowledge of pediatric and educational psychology.

·      Knowledge of adult learning theories and practices.

·      Knowledge of the criminal justice and civil court systems.

·      Knowledge of local community resources.

·      Knowledge and expertise in investigative interviewing techniques for suspected child victims.

·      Skills in communication, both written and oral, with all levels of professional and community groups.

·      Highly developed interpersonal skills.

·      Experienced in human services delivery.

·      Knowledge of the Children’s Center, its history, mission, and goals.




Must possess a master’s degree from an accredited institution in social work, counseling, psychology, or related field.  Must hold state license to practice and have at least two years experience in social delivery.  Experience in working with child abuse victims is preferred.  Must consent to thorough background check. 



Rev. July 2023

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